Route 15

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Commerce Drive/Target Bedford

Radisson HotelTarget Bedford8 Commerce Drive (Callogix)Target BedfordRadisson Hotel


Outbound Directions:

The route starts at Radisson Hotel on Elm St. Turns right onto Granite St, left onto Interstate 293 southbound, and merges onto State route 101 West towards Bedford and Milford. The route exits the highway onto US Route 3/River Road South, continues past Meetinghouse Road and Back River Road, and turns right into the Home Depot / Target Plaza. STOP: In front of the red circular bollards in front of Target. Bus continues along perimeter of the shopping plaza and turns right onto River Road South, crossing US Route 3, passing Sunset, Cedarwood, and turning right onto Commerce Drive. STOP: At 8 Commerce Drive in the Circle in front of Callogix Inc.

Inbound Directions:

Route continues from 8 Commerce Drive, STOP: In front of the red circular bollards at Target. END: Radisson Hotel on Elm St.

Please note: This route operates as an express route and only stops for passengers at 8 Commerce Drive, Target, and Radisson Hotel.

Ticket Prices: Adults - $2.00, Senior Citizens - $1.00
Ticket Outlets: Manchester Transit Authority